SUB 250/500

Wave Subwoofer 250/500 was developed together with the best sound technologies to satisfy High-End stereo applications needs. 500W output and frequency range from 18Hz to 150Hz is fairly enough to cover all needed low frequencies. Compatible size in combination with ideal power makes these Subwoofers perfect to use with any loudspeakers, usage is not limited to combine with Wave Loudspeakers system. Wide range of set up possibilities makes Wave Subwoofers great tool to create and set up bass managment for your complete high end Loudspeaker system.


- closed baffle-board for extremely exact low frequencies reproduction

- 300 mm (12") bass convertor with movement up to 54 mm

- continuously controllable phase with range from 0 up to 180

- precise set up for crossover critical frequencies

- D-class amplifier power 250W/500W

- symmetric inputs and outputs for satellite loudspeakers

Technical parameters

System: active subwoofer
Frequency response: 20 Hz  - 150 kHz  (+/- 3dB)
Crossover frequency: 20 Hz - 100 Hz
Crossover order: 4th Linkwitz-Riley
Phase adjustment: infinitely adjustable

Power amplifiers: 250W/500W

Input: symmetrical XLR, asymmetrical
Input level: infinitely adjustable

SAT outputs: symmetrical XLR, asymmetrical CYNCH
Driver: 300 mm (12")
Dimensions (H x W x D): 475 x 640 x 515