The Audio Resolution company presents a brand new loud-speaker system Wave. Following the great success of exclusive models Ellipse and Concave we are coming with the Wave model which is affordable to a large group of audiophiles. It was created in accordance with our customers’ ideas and wishes. Overtime design, detail-oriented construction and first-rate technology meet the criteria of even the most-demanding customers. Each loudspeaker system Wave is the  result of a long-term development and careful work of our Audio Resulution designers. Wave system embodies not only perfect technology and unique design but also excitement, passion and love that we devoted to its development. Just hear the difference. Consonance of perfect sound and magnificent design.


Audio Resolution WAVE is a two-way active loudspeaker system whose technological features come out the CONCAVE model. Detail-oriented work on the design is marked by milder outlines of the baffle and by new, more flexible construction of electronics. There is the newest generation of transducers used in the loudspeakers. It enabled us to fulfil the most-demanding requirements in the area of recent High-Eng applications. Thank to newest audio technologies and a brand-new designing approach is Wave loudspeaker system neutral as to the sound. Compact, clear and dynamic sound represents the outstanding and characteristic features of Wave loudspeaker system which are enriched by detail and depth in sound reproduction.


The Baffle is made by combining and sticking 21 mm thick MDF boards which are then emended and shaped on CNC machines. Effective volume for both woofers is approximately 25 litres. The rest of the Baffle’s volume is used for placing the electronics module. The surface is finished with combination of natural veneer and RAL colours according to customer requirements.


Low and mid frequency range is covered by a pair of 6.9 “(175 mm) transducers, which provides clean and undistorted reproduction even at high levels. They are placed in a closed baffle, which acts as a second order filter. The diaphragm is attached in the centre and the periphery with the coil attached in the middle of these points. This prevents the deformation of the membrane at high levels and frequencies (called Breakdown Mode). Impregnated soft material diaphragm provides a detailed and enjoyable listening without any misleading additional sound caused by its own resonance.


Active crossover and EQ circuits ensure all necessary corrections to achieve flat amplitude and phase characteristics and optimise the impulse response. It is possible to attach it to symmetric XLR and nonsymetric input for analogue signal. Setting the level of individual frequency bands and variable low-frequency equalization can be used for compensated of the impact of room acoustics, as well as customise the listener tastes. Two D class switching power amplifiers use a number of revolutionary principles (Controlled Oscillation Modulation, Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control). Comprehensive protection circuits with optical limiters prevent the possibility of overloading drivers and unwanted distortion. Sound volume  regulation is provided by external Controller by Audio Resolution that enables to choose different sound sources, too. It is also possible to use Controller produced by a different prestigious brand.

Technical parameters

2-way active system
Frequency response: 34 Hz  - 21 kHz  (+/- 3dB)

Max  SPL 1 m,1pair, IEC short-term:

118 dB  peak

Power amplifiers
High-tone: 200 W/4Ohm, bass: 200W/4Ohm

Input impedance: 20 kOhm balanced
Level setting High / Low: +/- 2 db ,0.5 dB step
Low EQ: -4dB, -2dB, 0dB, +2 dB
Loudspeaker protection: Power-on mute, DC, output a clip limiter

Amplifier parameters:
4Ohm, 1W, 1 kHz 0,006 % typ.
IMD Po=10W, 0.005% typ
TIM Po=10W, 3,15/15kHz square 0,003% typ.
Dimensions (H x W x H): 1310 x 360 x 440 mm
Weight: 65 kg