Audio Resolution Ellipse is a free standing, full range three way active loudspeaker system. Thanks to the unusual cabinet design, unique electronics and carefully selected loudspeakers, Ellipse is up to the top standards in audio listening.


The cabinet is created by sticking together 16 different kinds of wood in the shape of an ellipse (in the horizontal view) enabling extremely rigid, standing wave free design. In order to further aid the prevention of standing waves, this naturally avoids parallel internal walls with the elliptical shape. High and mid frequency drivers are mounted in separate cabinets with offset, which, in conjunction with electronics, ensures perfect time and phase alignment between drivers.



The low frequency range is covered by a specially designed 12 inch (30cm) transducer from a carbon fibres reinforced diaphragm. Its high power capacity and extremely long linear excursion (±12mm) enable it to reproduce very deep and clean bass even at high levels. The closed box of Ellipse is working as a 2nd order high-pass filter and has a much better impulse and phase response compared to 4th or 6th order filters usually used in other designs.


Midrange frequencies are taken care of by two 5,5inch (14.9cm) powerful mid-bass loudspeakers with a multilayer impregnated paper diaphragm. The size and type of these twin drivers was carefully selected to cover very wide frequency range without compromises to accuracy, frequency and phase response. The drivers are powerful enough to withstand high levels for prolonged periods, and they are very quick to reproduce transients without distortion. Crossover frequencies are 130Hz and 2,3kHz which means that the most important midrange band is reproduced by these twin drivers without interruption.

The high frequency driver is a unique "ring radiator" tweeter with many benefits compared to a standard dome design. The phasing plug and nearly to flat diaphragm, together with an additional acoustic chamber guarantee extremely flat frequency and phase response and wide and uniform directivity. The diaphragm is supported at the centre and circumference, with the voice coil fitted between fixing points and is completely free from running in "Break Down Mode" (deformation of diaphragm at high level and high frequencies) which is common drawback of other designs. Soft material in conjunction with the above "ring radiator" design of the diaphragm provides sound of ultimate fidelity.


The active electronics of the Audio Resolution Ellipse are doing all necessary equalizations, remaining phase and time alignment to have flat frequency and phase characteristics as well as optimum impulse response. This model also includes digital input with proprietary D-A converter (24bit/192kHz). The analogue input is balanced with extremely high CMRR which meets the highest professional expectations.

All three bands of the active crossover and low frequency equalisation are adjustable to compensate the influence of the room acoustics, speaker placement as well as listener preferences. These parameters are controlled by a microprocessor with digital display. Complete settings can be stored into one of ten memories.

Three high-power switching amplifiers working in D class with COM and MECC technology (Controlled Oscillation Modulation and Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control) are offering industry leading performance on all relevant parameters, including unparalleled efficiency. The switching regulated power supply is absolutely free from hum and noise produced by a linear power supply with a standard transformer. Sophisticated and complex protection circuits with optical limiters protect drivers against damage and unwanted distortion.

Similar to C3, Audio Resolution Ellipse also includes an option to control on/off as well as volume from an infra-red remote controller. It also includes switching to on/standby by presence of an audio signal. The electronics are mounted on suspension to isolate vibrations from the cabinet.
Technical parameters:

Frequency response: 27 Hz - 40k Hz ±3 dB
Max SPL at 1m 1 pair: 110 dB cont, 113 dB program (mid frequencies)

Analogue input: Balanced, 20 kOhm
Digital input: AES/EBU and SPDIF, 24 bit / 44.1 - 192 kHz
Sensitivity (Gain): -99 dBu to +18 dbu in 1 db steps
High/Low level setting: ± 6 db in 1 dB steps
Low EQ: -4 dB, -2 dB, 0 dB, +2 dB
Speaker protections: Power-on mute, power limiter (optical)
Power amplifiers:
Output power:
Low: 500 W / 4 Ohm *
Mid: 250 W / 4 Ohm *
High: 250 W / 4 Ohm *
THD +N (4 Ohm, 1 W, 1 kHz): 0.006 % typ.
IMD Po=10W: 0.0005% typ.
TIM Po=10W, 3,15/15kHz square: 0,003% typ.
Power: 230 V / 50 Hz (3 W / 25 W / 250 W)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1550 x 500 x 450 mm
Weight: 63 kg
* Long term power is limited by loudspeaker protection circuits to 150 W / 100 W / 5 W
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